Paula Isaac

Artist's Statement

Artist Statement (11/2014):   "Art is what you make of it.    It is sexuality, immaturity, advancement, it is a definition of how much you study life and your own feelings, of how you manage your life or self esteem.    For me, it is the love of yourself and I am gonna say no more."

Artist Statement  (1/2015):  "All the old masters were the greatest painters of a time when men wanted to see themselves as being beautiful.  Then Norman Rockwell came along at a time men wanted to feel good about who they were.  My hero is this artist.   He painted a human life America wanted and needed to lift the American spirit.

I paint more informal than he did.  I am telling a tale that is more contemporary.  My travels are real stories and his was more storytelling."


I, Paula, am a go getter; a shy woman born in Trinidad in 1960,  a twin in the middle of nine children.  Trinidad left me memories of colors.  Since age three I drew and made paper dolls and their clothes.  I was a quiet child.

Dad loved to make masks for the carnival in Trinidad.  I would be a plumber if I listened to him.

When I was 8, we joined my two older sisters in Queens, New York.  I saw snow for the first time that year.

I went to the High School of Arts and Design, wanting to be a cartoonist, I wanted to draw at least.  Then I moved on to FIT , fashion illustration, remember the paper doll dresses?  But there was no drawing real people.

At age 22 I decided to be a fine artist and got part time work to pay my supplies to be an artist.  At 27 I married Bill and became the mom of Letitia at 32, Bill died of cancer when she was only 5.  My time as a mom went by so fast,  occasionally I could sell a painting for us to go to a movie or theater.

Then I joined the Arts Student League to get my hands back int the arts: survival for my mind.

In 2014 I was invited to join 137ac, so I took a chance.