Ruben Lopez

Artist's Statement

Ruben Lopez was born in 1954, in New York City, and lives in Brooklyn with his cat Puta. Ruben has worked in various jobs over 40 years including driving cabs, ambulettes and movers. In his late thirties he found his life going downhill as alcohol and drugs became a bigger part of his life. "I was a biker and got into a lot of trouble in fights and with the police." He wound up homeless. After many repeated attempts at rehab, Ruben found Bellevue Hospital, the place he was born. It was here in 2008 that Ruben became involved in art therapy and discovered his interest and talent for painting. Ruben's favored scenes are of his beloved city New York. Buildings and bridges, in particular the Brooklyn Bridge, all populate his work. He was recognized for his talent in 2010 by New York State OASAS Commissioner Karen Carpenter who called him one of New York?s great artists. When painting, he finds relaxation in solitude and an opportunity to be peaceful in his own world. Ruben loved collaborating on Bjarne Melgaard's canvas. It challenged him to explore and develop his art far from his comfort zone of cityscapes, empowered by the trust this great painter showed him. His practice fuels his own dreams about the future and, as he says, ?allows him to feel alive every now and then.? Having had an exciting and successful opportunity with Melgaard that culminated in a 2012 show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Ruben became one of the founding members of 137AC.