Joe Saladino

Artist's Statement

Joe Saladino was born in 1954 in Beloit, Wisconsin, and lives in the Bronx with his cat Samantha. In 1975 he moved to New Jersey where he was married, had a daughter in 1980, and worked on garbage trucks for 20 years. A sex and alcohol addiction led him to lose his family and work and run off to New York City. In 1999, in a recovery program, he started painting. "Art really relaxes me. I use it to get things out of my mind. I feel free to do whatever I want. I am in control and that feels good." His art is remarkable for the bright colors, strange figures and sexual overtones. Joe walks up to the canvass and without hesitation he paints and paints till he says, ?That?s it, I am done," and sighs. As for his first collaboration, he commented, "I work with beauty already on the canvas." He had never worked with oil paint, not to mention such a monumental size canvases.